Spiritual Insight

My Turtle Friends

My Turtle Friend There he was. He was on the path. And he met me there. I was just walking into the woods, anxious to lose myself. It's the best thing to do for myself. Lose myself, and then find myself again. As I was heading into the woods, turtle was in the middle of… Continue reading My Turtle Friends


The Summit of Bear Butte

I made it to the top. I asked for assistance to climb the final steps. Assistance came in Spirit form, and in the form of a rabbit watching me. My fear ran under the steps and in the strong winds I reached the summit and took one quick look around and fell to my knees.… Continue reading The Summit of Bear Butte

Spiritual Teaching

Ode to Squirrel

Small fluffy one who scampers in the sun I pay homage to you Your zippy ways your carefree days my friend, you're never blue You shuck your nut as you swish somewhat, your bushy little tail O king of the tree you're feral and free hunting nuts on the mountain trail You're frantic, yet wise… Continue reading Ode to Squirrel