Inspirational, Our Four Legged Friends

Two Families in the Woods with Cat RunningElk While on a walk in the woods with her daughter, Cat runs into another family of the animal kingdom.  - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -

Intuitive Mastery, Spiritual Insight, Spiritual Teaching, Winged ones

Decoding the Message of Hawk with Cat RunningElk When hawks, the messengers of the divine show up in our lives, how can we truly grasp the message they bring us? In this audio, Cat shares ways to decode signs from Hawk and other messengers of the animal world. - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -

Keys to a Happier, Healthier, Wealthier Life, Spiritual Insight, Spiritual Teaching

Creating Positive Affirmations with Cat RunningElk In this audio, Cat speaks about the importance of what we say to ourselves, and how to turn words into positive affirmations.  - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -