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Christmas Magic

One of the busiest days of the year at Magic Kingdom is Christmas Day. So when I woke up on Christmas wondering what my daughters and I should do to celebrate this holiday I was surprised when my inner guidance, and those who guide me each day from the spiritual realm said, "Go to Disney World." And… Continue reading Christmas Magic


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I'll Be Home For Christmas...and every other holiday... Home is a feeling. Twenty years ago when I was having multiple visions of being Cat RunningElk, of moving constantly cross country and back, of serving and healing others for years to come, I was more than a little bit resistant. I had two young daughters and… Continue reading I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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Fleetwood High

I am still feeling a buzz from last night's concert. It was so much more than a concert.  It was a revival meeting, for baby boomers. And for me it was a spiritual experience, (but what itsn't?) The inspiring messages and energy are still percolating... My daughters knew I needed it.  When they heard I… Continue reading Fleetwood High

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Oops! I did it again! Looking for Home in All the Old Places

I receive strong visions, and very clear messages.  But like anyone, my ego often wants to over ride those messages and live life my way. I have felt called to move and to travel all over this country since the age of 18,  and it's funny, but I still resist it.  You would think by now… Continue reading Oops! I did it again! Looking for Home in All the Old Places