About Cat

For more than two decades Cat RunningElk has been living a Spirit-led life, answering the calling to share her gifts with as many as possible around the world.

Cat RunningElk is a Gifted Psychic Counselor and sought after Spiritual Teacher.  Her wisdom and heart-based teachings have touched audiences across the United States for the last twenty plus years.  Following Spirit’s call, she has served on Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations, sharing her gifts and healing presence.  She has conducted psychic readings and book signings at Disney World and has hosted and led retreats and workshops from coast to coast.

Channeling Truth she touches and blesses, guiding each student to realize their gifts and greatest potential.  Her messages are empowering and healing, always in alignment with what you need to know now.

She is the author of the highly acclaimed “Mystic Mommy” called a ‘must-read’ and her latest work, “The Healer’s Charm,” available on Amazon or ask your favorite bookstore to carry it.

She speaks on topics such as “Answering Your Callings,” “The Divine Feminine,” and “Mastering the Intuitive Arts.”  Her compassionate nature, open heart and natural wisdom make her students and audience of any size feel at ease in her presence.

It is her joy to be of service in this world and as one student remarked, “Cat has kindness pouring out of every fiber of her being!” (More comments here.)

As a channel of infinite wisdom Cat connects with the unseen realms and brings in and through whatever is best for all. (More on private sessions here.)

Listen to Cat’s podcast here and her message of taking a ‘sloppy step forward…’

She is the mother of three beautiful daughters, each achieving and realizing their own greatness.  Currently Cat is living in Shawnee, Kansas. (2018)

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