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They Are All Our Children

Many years back I was attending a satsung (spiritual gathering) with the teacher Amma.  She is known as the hugging saint from India, and she is a beautiful, loving presence. I sat in a state of peaceful, joyous meditation, only a few feet away from Amma and next to the empty space directly in front… Continue reading They Are All Our Children

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Walk In Balance – Equinox Blessings

We just celebrated the Equinox at my house with a good movie and chocolate cake.  Okay, so not a traditional gathering, it was too cold to be outside, but at least I  balanced the cake with some apples and carrot juice! I look at each of the Equinox Holidays with gratitude for the  message of… Continue reading Walk In Balance – Equinox Blessings

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Enjoying the Wait, Embracing the Journey and Going to the Eagles

Last summer I wrestled with going to see Tom Petty in concert or going to my own gig in Omaha. (Read my post on "Showing Up" here.) I went with the commitment I had already made, went to Omaha and made some fantastic new friends!   Yet when Tom Petty passed last fall, for a… Continue reading Enjoying the Wait, Embracing the Journey and Going to the Eagles

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Surrender Your Concern For Time

As we adjust to our clocks being forced forward, we want to be kind with our minds and bodies as they catch up. I was off by an hour today.  Still connected to the time of winter, I was about an hour behind on everything. And I didn't really care too much.  I made adjustments… Continue reading Surrender Your Concern For Time

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How to Let Go and Let God…Place your order and enjoy the wait.

The art of letting go and letting God is much like placing your order with the wait staff, and then enjoying the company you are with, enjoying the ambience, having pleasant conversation with those who have accompanied you while at the back of your mind you are looking forward to the wonderful meal that will be coming soon...