Success Coaching with Cat

Cat’s sessions are for anyone in a transitional, transformational or challenging time in their lives.  If you are looking to find yourself, figure out ‘what’s next?’ or need clarity because life seems so difficult, Cat can help.

Cat is also here as a spiritual teacher.  If you would like to further develop your own gifts, connect with the other side or find a spiritual path;  Cat may very likely be the teacher you are seeking.

Rates: First Session $180

60-90 minutes

*Coaching Packages Below*

Cat began her professional career at a psychic fair in Seattle in 1996.  Cat stepped in at the last minute to fill in for a psychic that was sick with amazing results and non-stop demand!  Her readings were accurate, insightful and empowering.   Those who followed the advice continued to come back to see Cat again and again, to get the next steps.

Organically this turned into a coaching practice.  Cat is gifted with the ability to see what each person needs to expand into increase in all areas of their life.  She has helped individuals gain confidence in themselves, in their gifts and has witnessed many taking the first sloppy step forward to living authentically.

Cat is here to help you step out and be who you came to be.  She can help you answer the callings in your heart.

At the beginning of each session Cat will invite you to center in meditation with her as she connects with the other side.   She invites in those who are guiding you; all of your angels and guides.  This may also include star beings, loved ones,  animal totems and elementals.

Then Cat listens.  She listens to those in the non-physical and she listens to your heart and soul.  She looks within you and sees the potential, the gifts, the hopes as well as the fears that live inside.  As a teacher of the intuitive and healing arts, she helps you open up to your gifts.  Cat can show you how to tap into any psychic, intuitive or healing abilities that may be lying dormant within you.


Sometimes a past life regression is needed.  Perhaps a soul retrieval.  At times she may feel called to come to your home to clear the space, to bless or to heal a property.  Cat will clear away lost souls and dark energy.  She brings in more love and light to everyone and everyplace.

At the close of the session no matter what is shared Cat brings it back around to concrete advice you can take home with you.  Usually 1., 2., 3., action steps to take.  Your angels make it clear to her what order and what steps you must take to move forward.  They make it clear to Cat and she does all she can to make it clear to you.

Those who follow the advice Cat gives find their lives transforming as they tap into their own Power and realize their Divinity.  A coaching package is important to keep you on track and Cat will work with you on discounted package rates.

It is Cat’s calling to help you awaken to the truth of who you are and why you are here so you can live as an example to others, uplifting the world by being who you are and enjoying each day.

*Coaching Plans and Rates*

Power Coaching

This is for anyone going through major life transitions.

Six months of working with Cat, Weekly Sessions with Maximum Results Unfolding

Recorded Sessions

Remove Blocks to Your Prosperity/Love/Happiness

Custom Affirmations and EFT for You to Realize Your Goals

Personal Coaching Every Week with email follow-up and connection

Clarifying of Your Desires and Focused Intentions to Help You Stay on Track!

$3120 (Payment Plans Available)


Answering Your Calling

Four Months of working with Cat

Weekly Sessions to Help You Open Up To Your Gifts

Recorded Sessions

Numerology Reading – Life Path Explanation

Meet and Learn to Work with Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Master Your Own Intuitive Gifts

Past Life Regressions – To Help You Heal and Release Fear on a Soul Level

Soul Retrieval – Helping You Step Into Your Full Power

$2240 (Payment Plan Available)


Awaken the Dreamer

Two months of work with Cat

Every Other Week – 4 Sessions

Remember Who You Are and Why You Came!

Numerology Life Path Reading

Guided Meditations, Journey Work, Soul Retrieval

Helping You Wake Up and Realign with Your Purpose

For anyone who feels they may have wandered away from their Path

$600 Paid In Full

Individual Plans Can Be Created.  Initial 90 minute session – $180

A Year Long Program Is Available for Those Called to Coach Others – Please Inquire


Cat looks forward to working with you as and is excited about all the potential that lives inside you!


Phone 863-529-1866


We have a strictly enforced 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. Any appointment missed, late cancelled, or changed without 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved service amount. The appointment may be taken off of a contract/package or charged individually. Thank you.