Tarot Classes

Tuesday Evening Tarot

Plus Numerology!

For Your Personal and Professional Success

Would you like to work on your intuition?  Want to learn to trust yourself?

Looking for another way to monitor your ability to manifest what you truly desire?

Cat knows everyone has intuitive abilities, and using your intuition on a daily basis with a tool like Tarot is a great way to develop your gifts.  Cat began her path doing Tarot readings at psychic fairs over two decades ago. She brings her guided wisdom and knowledge of Tarot as a professional to all interested spiritual seekers.

Join her each Tuesday evening in the comfort of her home, where she will discuss the depth of meaning in each card.  She will share how to read each card, how to develop a relationship with the cards and will enlighten the class on the many possible interpretations depending on the surrounding cards and querent.

Tuesday Evening Tarot is for anyone who has never studied the Tarot, and it is also for students who have used the cards, and are working on developing their gifts. 

This is an opportunity to learn from the beginning, and also you may come with your knowledge and do practice readings for others.  Develop more confidence as you practice with fellow intuitives.

Cat’s first direction is to throw away (or at least hide) the little booklet that came with your deck. You must learn to use your intuition and thus learn how to read them…not just memorize other people’s definitions.

The Tarot can lead you on an incredible journey of self discovery.  Every divination tool is meant to empower you and help you live a better life.

Do not be intimidated, know that Cat will guide beginners in doing simple readings with only a couple cards to start.  Seasoned veterans can dive in and give more complex readings, with guidance from Cat always in giving a positive, empowering reading!

Email Cat with your interest in joining Tarot Evening Tuesdays.  catrunningelk@gmail.com

 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Every Tuesday at Cat’s Place

$20 Drop In Rate