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Surrender Your Concern For Time

As we adjust to our clocks being forced forward, we want to be kind with our minds and bodies as they catch up. I was off by an hour today.  Still connected to the time of winter, I was about an hour behind on everything. And I didn't really care too much.  I made adjustments… Continue reading Surrender Your Concern For Time

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A New Year is before you…How Will You Use All That Time?

What are you going to do with all that time? All the time in the world.  All the time that is before you. The Universe has given you more time than you can imagine to make a difference. To save a life.  Be a friend.  Love Someone.  Love yourself. What are you going to do… Continue reading A New Year is before you…How Will You Use All That Time?


Time to Do

I'm back. Let's see if we can make it stick this time... This morning I came out for my morning circle, and was going to ask for guidance on prosperity... Before I got to my spot, squirrel caught my eye. There were two running up my tree. Up over head in the branches were several… Continue reading Time to Do

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Four Legged Friends

My dear, dear four-legged friends. What would I do without you? I am happily covered in dog hair, hanging out at a friend's house in Wisconsin. It is cold outside, the snow is beautiful, the sky is gray and I have views out the window down a lovely hill to a pasture and creek beyond.… Continue reading Four Legged Friends