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Prosper 2020 – New Teleclass Begins December 2nd, 2019!

It is imperative that you understand your callings. As you align with your purpose, and your authentic self, you will find doors opening and golden opportunities coming into your life with greater ease.

Don't just ask for more money, ask to be guided in all you do. Allow this Divine Guidance to bring you the prosperity that is meant for you. Surrender to the best prosperity for your life, not someone else's.

I now share with my students what I learned from Earl, my father and the Guides that are always there for me. Now it's time I shared all this, and more, with you.

Spiritual Teaching

How to Let Go and Let God…Place your order and enjoy the wait.

The art of letting go and letting God is much like placing your order with the wait staff, and then enjoying the company you are with, enjoying the ambience, having pleasant conversation with those who have accompanied you while at the back of your mind you are looking forward to the wonderful meal that will be coming soon...