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There is Love and There is Fear – Which are you choosing today?

Each day we have choices. We can respond from a place of love, be healers, compassionate caring humans. Or we can choose fear. When we are in fear, we are cut off from Divine Guidance that could help us, guide us, heal us...

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Meditation to meet your Money Angel Stressed about $$$? Connect with your Money Angel to receive the guidance you need.  Cat RunningElk takes you on a powerful journey to meet your Money Angel. She teaches you how to call in your Money Angel to help guide and prosper you. Learn to work with your own Angel of Money so all… Continue reading Meditation to meet your Money Angel

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Prosper 2020 – New Teleclass Begins December 2nd, 2019!

It is imperative that you understand your callings. As you align with your purpose, and your authentic self, you will find doors opening and golden opportunities coming into your life with greater ease.

Don't just ask for more money, ask to be guided in all you do. Allow this Divine Guidance to bring you the prosperity that is meant for you. Surrender to the best prosperity for your life, not someone else's.

I now share with my students what I learned from Earl, my father and the Guides that are always there for me. Now it's time I shared all this, and more, with you.

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Learn to Love Yourself More

Learning to love yourself more may seem like a daunting task in the beginning.  But if you follow a few easy steps each day, you will melt away the self loathing and self sabotage in record time. Begin with doing what the little girl is doing in the picture above.  Give yourself a hug!  Every… Continue reading Learn to Love Yourself More

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So you think you give too much? It may be you are receiving too little…

Last week I reminded you to practice giving, instead of always trying to get.  Each day we have many opportunities to be a blessing to someone through a smile, a kind word or generous action. Yet in my life I have over the years been told over and over, "You are giving too much!" The… Continue reading So you think you give too much? It may be you are receiving too little…


Time to Do

I'm back. Let's see if we can make it stick this time... This morning I came out for my morning circle, and was going to ask for guidance on prosperity... Before I got to my spot, squirrel caught my eye. There were two running up my tree. Up over head in the branches were several… Continue reading Time to Do

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Allowing Miracles To Happen

It is 2011.  This is the time of miracles.  This is time for allowing ourselves to be fully present in our power.  This is the time to embrace one another as one. I will continue to offer my services on a donation basis to those in crisis.  No one will ever be turned away because… Continue reading Allowing Miracles To Happen