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Nothing and No One is Ever Lost in the Mind of the Divine

We all get lost from time to time. Just like the lost dog we took in for the night. We get too focused on the dark, we lose our way. But just like the way we reunited Rocky with his family, you can reunite with the light within you. Come back home...

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The Panic at The Mall and Remembering Those Who Passed On Halloween

Dear Friends, Friday night I was at the mall.  I don't do malls.  I really don't.  In the last year I have been there twice. My daughter's and I had a beautiful day at the park, last Friday. As we were eating dinner by the lake I had a vision of us at the mall,… Continue reading The Panic at The Mall and Remembering Those Who Passed On Halloween

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How to Let Go and Let God…Place your order and enjoy the wait.

The art of letting go and letting God is much like placing your order with the wait staff, and then enjoying the company you are with, enjoying the ambience, having pleasant conversation with those who have accompanied you while at the back of your mind you are looking forward to the wonderful meal that will be coming soon...

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Welcome Summer!

Did you wake with the sun today? Did you get outside and give thanks? If not, it's okay. I say my prayers at night... Dear Friends, I'm a nocturnal creature. When the sun sets I often find myself filled with extra energy. Just a little sunshine and my batteries are charged.  Late into the night… Continue reading Welcome Summer!

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Love is For Giving

How can you fit new things in your closet if you are still holding onto old things that you don't like anymore? What if when you opened up your closet all that was there were things that brought up painful memories?  What if you opened those doors and saw things that made you angry?  What… Continue reading Love is For Giving

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Miracles, Healing and Giving Too Much

I have heard it many times, "You can't give that much." But I do it anyway.  Is it really possible to give too much? Will we end up drained, frustrated and angry if we give to those who may never be able to repay us? It all depends on where the giving is coming from...… Continue reading Miracles, Healing and Giving Too Much