The Power of Imagination with Cat RunningElk

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ksaij-9bdec6 In this audio, Cat shares a story about the power of imagination and learning to listen to your psychic gifts. - Find Cat -www.catrunningelk.com - Cat's Books -www.mysticmommy.comwww.thehealerscharm.com


Rekindling Your Creativity with Cat RunningElk

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3thbq-9b491b Today, Cat talks about the important role of imagination in developing your psychic gifts. In this world people rely too much on their left brain, but to develop your intuitive gifts, you have to open yourself up to your own creativity. - Find Cat -www.catrunningelk.com - Cat's Books -www.mysticmommy.comwww.thehealerscharm.com


Connecting with Your Spirit Guides by Cat RunningElk

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-hdke3-9aa8af The relationship we have with our spirit guides can always use a little work, a little quiet time and a willingness to listen. In this audio, you will learn how to reopen the connection between yourself and the divine. - Find Cat -www.catrunningelk.com - Cat's Books -www.mysticmommy.comwww.thehealerscharm.com

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How Balanced Are You? Are You Too Close to Your Tipping Point?

Happy Equinox!  Fall is beginning and today we look at balance.  How balanced do you feel?  Work/Life?  Happy/Sad?  Allowing as much ease as you are challenges? We need the light and the dark.  We need to know some challenges in life to help us grow.  In order to understand joy, we must shed some tears.… Continue reading How Balanced Are You? Are You Too Close to Your Tipping Point?


Answering Your Callings Part 4 by Cat RunningElk

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-5y8av-9a1183 Cat returns to her series about Answering Your Callings and, in this fourth installment, talks about following not only your big calling, but the small ones in our hearts. Sometimes we can't see the big picture, but each day we listen to our inner voice we take a step closer to what we are… Continue reading Answering Your Callings Part 4 by Cat RunningElk

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Value Yourself! You Are A Precious Presence in This World

If you don't value yourself, you are going to receive less than what you desire...always. Begin to value your magnificent pressence.  Your kindness, your spirit.  Know just being you has tremendous value.  Your authentic self is making a valuable contribution to this world. Affirm daily "I love and value myself." Surrender to your worth and… Continue reading Value Yourself! You Are A Precious Presence in This World


Answering Your Callings Part 2

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-iiqig-9927b2 We knew who we were as children and through time have forgotten what we came to do in life. In this audio, Cat asks us to remember the dreams we had so long ago. - Find Cat - http://www.catrunningelk.com - Cat's Books - http://www.mysticmommy.com http://www.thehealerscharm.com