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Answering Your Callings Part 3 by Cat RunningElk Cat leads a guided mediation that will reconnect you and your younger self to remember who you are what you came to do. - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -

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Answering Your Callings Part 2 We knew who we were as children and through time have forgotten what we came to do in life. In this audio, Cat asks us to remember the dreams we had so long ago. - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -

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Tonight after I said my prayers I crawled into bed needing to hear from one of my spirit guides. Even after a long heartfelt prayer, I still felt I needed something else, one last piece of wisdom to help me sleep. Softly I called, "Juniper?" The name fell from my mouth and then I stopped… Continue reading Softly

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The Light at the Doorbell

It was 1:30 in the morning when the doorbell rang... I sat up and wondered if it was real or in my dreams. Was there someone at the door? A voice spoke to me and tried to reassure me. Staying at someone else's house, by myself, with the coyotes howling in the desert outside Santa… Continue reading The Light at the Doorbell

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Earth Medicine

I was back on the road this past summer. After a three year hiatus from touring, I was back at it. It was wonderful to be in my car, radio blasting, running down the highway. It is exhilarating to meet new people and to make a difference in their lives. How wonderful to feel an… Continue reading Earth Medicine