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Creating Positive Affirmations with Cat RunningElk In this audio, Cat speaks about the importance of what we say to ourselves, and how to turn words into positive affirmations.  - Find Cat - - Cat's Books -

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Value Yourself! You Are A Precious Presence in This World

If you don't value yourself, you are going to receive less than what you desire...always. Begin to value your magnificent pressence.  Your kindness, your spirit.  Know just being you has tremendous value.  Your authentic self is making a valuable contribution to this world. Affirm daily "I love and value myself." Surrender to your worth and… Continue reading Value Yourself! You Are A Precious Presence in This World

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How to Let Go and Let God…Place your order and enjoy the wait.

The art of letting go and letting God is much like placing your order with the wait staff, and then enjoying the company you are with, enjoying the ambience, having pleasant conversation with those who have accompanied you while at the back of your mind you are looking forward to the wonderful meal that will be coming soon...

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Happy Solstice – Look For the Light

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Solstice.  May all your holidays be happy ones with a time for reflecting on all that is good! As you take time for yourself over the holidays, look back over the past year and reflect on how far you have come.  Consider your spiritual growth, not your materialistic standing.  Focus… Continue reading Happy Solstice – Look For the Light