Divine Feminine

Fall Equinox Day Retreat

with Cat RunningElk

September 23rd

11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

It’s time to reconnect and remember all you came to be.

Cat has been teaching The Divine Feminine since 2008, when the Grandmothers in Spirit awakened her to this path.

It is imperative that we embrace the powers that come from the feminine energies.  Our world is in need of the balance that comes when we embrace the beauty, love, intuition, harmony and peace that lives within everyone of us.

This Equinox Day Retreat will be exactly what you need to open up to the Divine Feminine in yourself and to learn to see and appreciate it in the world around you.

We will explore the aspects of the Divine Mother, the Wise Woman or Crone as well as the Wild Woman and Innocent Maiden.  All are a part of every woman’s journey.  All are important parts of who you are.

Deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Goddess in You!

Learn how to love yourself more.  Grow into the person you know you can be.  Allow the Divine Feminine to step back into her place of power.

This retreat is being held at Cat’s Place, and the cost is $65.  A potluck lunch will be served, so bring your favorite dish to celebrate and break bread together!

Directions will be given out once your reservation is complete.

Contact Cat today: or call 863-529-1866 to make a reservation.

See you Saturday, the 23rd!