Prosperity Classes and Workshops


Would you like to have prosperity in all areas of your life?  Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love?  The Universe wants you to be happy.   The Divine is working in and through you trying to guide you towards increase!  The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working in your life.  

What are you thinking?  What are you creating?  What are you feeling?  Which way are you going?  Get in touch with your own internal guidance system.  Learn how to manifest from an empowered place.

Join spiritual teacher, author and healer, Cat RunningElk for a powerful prosperity workshop or class.    Cat has been leading others towards the life they long to live for more than twenty years.  Her success coaching and healing practice have allowed her to guide others in aligning with their Divine Purpose and Passion.  Cat will help you learn how to align your thinking with Divine Thinking.  

Come to a class or workshop and remove whatever has been blocking your True Prosperity!  Release limited thinking and negative beliefs so that you can be free to prosper!  Join Cat for empowering information, exercises and guided meditation so that you can open up and receive more of the blessings waiting for you!


August 24-September 28

Spiritually Aligned PROSPERITY

online course

Connect online from the comfort of your home.  Access your manifestation powers and be amazed with the increase possible in every area of your life.

Thursdays 7:30 – 8:45 p.m. central time

$145 for six-week course.

Call 863-529-1866 or email to register.