Mastering the Intuitive Arts

7:00 – 9:-00 p.m. central

Every Monday

Cat’s Place

Overland Park, Kansas

Email to inquire about space and directions.

Join Cat and other sensitive souls as we go within, connect with your guides and angels and learn to listen to the guidance that is always there.

Each week there is an opportunity to receive guidance, and practice using your own intuitive gifts.

Everyone is intuitive.  For some it may come easier than for others.  But just like learning to play an instrument, you will develop this ability with practice!

Learn to listen.  Develop your confidence in your own inutive gifts.  Understand the steps to Mastering the Intuitive Arts with Cat and friends each Monday evening.

Things we Cover in the Intuitive Mastery Classes:

Asking the Right Questions

Meditation Tips and Techniques

Learning About Signs in Your Daily Life

Connecting with Your Animal Spirit Guides/Totems and Power Animals

Learning the Difference between Angels, Spirit Guides and Star Beings

Working with the Elementals

Past Life Regression and Future Progressions

Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Claircognizance and Clairsentience – Which Do You Have?

Lessons for Ultra-Sensitives and Empaths

Chakra Clearing, Grounding and Ascending

Seeing Auras – How to

Using Pendulums, Muscle Testing and Sway

And Much More!  Each week is another opportunity to gather in a safe, sacred environment with like-minded souls and develop your own intuitive gifts!

Let’s Master the Intuitive Arts 

Contact Cat 863-529-1866 or

Cat RunningElk is an inspirational speaker and success coach as well as an author, healer and seer.  For more than two decades she has been guiding an international client base to open up to their gifts and spiritual connections. She is also available for private intuitive coaching and spiritual counseling.   Contact her at 863-529-1866 to register for class or email