Mastering the Intuitive Arts

Are you longing to have a greater connection to your intuition?  Wondering how to develop possible psychic gifts?  Looking for a safe, nurturing environment where you can open up and try them out?

Everyone has a sixth sense.  And everyone who has a desire can learn to develop this natural ability for a closer connection to the Divine.

Cat will empower you with fun exercises and insights.  Join other intuitives and learn how to connect on a daily basis with your Spirit Guides, Angels and more.  And then learn how to listen and do readings for others!


Monday Nights Intuitive Mastery

7:00 – 9:-00 p.m. central time

Cat’s Place

Overland Park, Kansas

Would you like to develop your intuitive gifts?  Looking for new friends who align with your spiritual path?  Looking for a mentor to guide you on your spiritual path?

This is an opportunity to work with Cat, as well as other intuitives, sensitives, light-workers and healers.

Join with other like-minded spiritual souls in the comfort of Cat’s home.  Each week there will be an opportunity to meditate and align with your own Divine Guidance.

Cat will lead the group in whatever way is best, past life work or working with your animal totems, or perhaps a guided journey to receive a message from one of your angels.

There will also be times where you may be asked to bring a message back for another in the group.  And when you need support, the others will bring messages through for you!

This is a special opportunity to receive loving support from Cat and other intuitives.

Email Cat sharing why you would like to be a part of this special group.



Cat RunningElk is an inspirational speaker and success coach as well as an author, healer and seer.  For more than two decades she has been guiding an international client base to open up to their gifts and spiritual connections. She is also available for private intuitive coaching and spiritual counseling.   Contact her at 863-529-1866 to register for class or email