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There is Love and There is Fear – Which are you choosing today?

Dear Ones,
The truth is simple. There is love, and there is fear.
Fear is constantly offering us worry. Our worry causes stress. And stress leads to pain.
If you are in fear, you will not be able to hear the Divine Guidance, or see the signs, that could help you.
Because Divine Guidance is always there, ready, willing and able to help, guide, prosper and heal.
But if you are locked down in fear, you can’t get the message. Fear cuts you off from your healing, your prosperity and everything else you might want.
As long as you stay centered in love, the truth will find you.
To be successful, love what you do.
Want more money? Love the money you have.
Be grateful, living in love, and more good things will be given.
Want more peace? Then love this moment now.
Looking for contentment? Love what you have and where you are now.
Want love? Guess what you need to focus on…that’s right. Love. Give more love and more love will come.
And so it goes. Round and round we can live in love, and experience greater and greater in our lives.
Or….we can focus on fear. And fear will grow and we will have more to fear.
As you watch world events, based in fear, pain, and suffering, respond with love.
Stay home from a place of love. Love life, by respecting the elderly and immune compromised.
Let go of financial worries by remembering that Source/God/Spirit is the source of your supply.
Love the truth that Source is infinite. There is no limitation to the abundance of the Universe.
Trust that there is always flow. If the flows stops in one direction, then look in another place for the flow.
Find the flow by returning to love. What would you love to do, feel, experience? Move in that direction.
There is more, always more. More than enough for you and me and everyone. Trust the flow and love giving.
Through giving from a place of love, you will be inspired. More prosperous ideas will come to you to help yourself and others when you flow prosperity.
In all that you do, find the motivation that is from your heart, not a fear based place in your head.
Love is the greatest power. Love unites us, prospers us, heals us all.
Let’s stay present in the simple truth, Love is the answer.
In love,
P.S. I will be offering my Sunday Evening Meditation with Lite Coaching as long as needed. More information here. Tonight, April 26th, we will center in love. I only ask that you give, to someone who really needs it. Pay it forward and join me each Sunday!


“Let’s take the gauntlet and make goodness attractive in this so-called next millennium. That’s the real job that we have. I’m not talking about Pollyanna-ish kind of stuff. I’m talking about down-to-Earth actual goodness. People caring for each other in a myriad of ways rather than people knocking each other off all the time…What changes the world? The only thing that ever really changes the world is when somebody gets the idea that love can abound and can be shared.”
― Fred Rogers

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