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Nothing and No One is Ever Lost in the Mind of the Divine

A few nights ago we took in a lost dog. My daughter, Kripa called me and told me about a stray dog outside the Geekery where she goes to play Magic the Gathering. It was late at night, and I hesitated before deciding to help.

You see, I was in my pajamas already, and I was afraid this dog would become a permanent addition to our already cat laden home. I attach quickly to any four-legged creature.

But after Kripa sent me a photo of the elderly being, I threw on jeans and a t-shirt and hurried over to rescue the hungry pooch.

When I saw it in person it became very apparent that it was from a good home. It smelled of doggie shampoo and its nails were neatly trimmed. The groomed haircut and its polite demeanor helped keep my hopes up that we would quickly reunite him with his owners.

Our cats slinked around the elder schnauzer’s gated area all night. Fearful of yet another creature moving in, they looked at me with concern and a tiny bit of cat rage.

“He’s only here temporarily, ” I reassured our beloved felines. “I know he has a good home and we just have to somehow connect with his family.”

Even though we left information at all the local shelters and animal clincs, we didn’t hear anything all night. The next morning I waited patiently for the phone to ring. We posted on lost pet sites and still no word. I was starting to worry, and then I remembered one of my favorite prayers I learned when I worked on a telephone prayer line years ago, “Nothing is ever lost in the mind of God.”

I pictured the family, feeling lost without their dog, and the dog feeling lost without his family. I centered in meditation and continued to affirm, “Nothing is ever lost in the mind of God.”

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. “Rocky,” the schnauzer, was found and reunited with his family.

We all get lost from time. We forget who we are. We lose our way.

It happens. It happens because there is darkness in this world of duality. Sometimes we focus on the darkness perhaps a little too much and it gets inside us. We disconnect from who we really are and suddenly we don’t know where to go.

You may be stumbling around in the darkness right now. Stop. Stop wandering in the dark. Like Rocky, the sweet schnauzer we took in for a night, you may be feeling scared and alone.

Nothing and no one is ever lost, in the Mind of the Divine. We may all feel lost from time to time, but remember this truth, nothing and no one is ever really lost. Only misplaced or displaced because they are disconnected.

Find your way back home. Reconnect with Divine Mind.

Be still. Go within. If you can’t do it yourself, reach out. A healer, coach, counselor; any light worker, like myself, can help you find your way home to Divine Mind once again.

Affirm for yourself or anyone you know who is lost, “Nothing and no one is ever lost, in the mind of God.” And we will all find our way safely home.

In love and light,

Cat RunningElk

P.S. This affirmation works great when you can’t find your keys, purse, shoes, broom…whatever you’ve lost, affirm and find it once more!

Nothing is ever lost, in the Mind of the Divine!

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