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Super Moon…Black Moon…What Should I Do With It?

You may be hearing a lot of information about the Supermoon happening Wednesday, July 31st. It will be close to the earth, thus appearing larger than usual. And it is the second full moon in July, thus the special title of Black Moon.

Plus astrologically there is a lot happening this month. If you have felt challenged, stresssed, tense, nothing seems to be going the way you wanted…well that could be due to some of the retrograde planets. Plus two eclipses this month. It’s all good, though, really. It’s always an opportunity to weed out what isn’t working in your life, pay attention to what you say and do, and let go of the junk you don’t want anymore.

Hopefully you’ve been clearing out some clutter this month. And I don’t just mean the stuff taking up space. We also know this is a time to clear away the clutter in your mind. The negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy habits will come to the front of your mind now, so you can see them, without judgement, and then let them go!

Take some time Wednesday evening to have your own Black Super Moon Ceremony. I like to keep it simple, for it really is about focus, connection and intentions. You don’t have to have a lot of tools, or experience. Give it a try!

To prepare, give away or throw away eleven items. Eleven is a powerful number and will help you shift some energy in your home.

Light a new candle, preferably black or green, and write out some intentions of what you would like to see manifest in your life in the next two weeks. Then write some for the next two months, and then the next two years.

State them out loud to the Universe something like this, “I am so thankful now that I am receiving that wonderful new car! I am so thankful now that I am guided to my right and perfect dream job! I am allowing myself to receive everything I am asking for tonight. I declare it to be so!”

Of course you can also go general in your intentions. I like to affirm that I am happier, healthier, wealthier and more loved every day. Write out how you want to feel, for that really is the secret ingredient behind manifesting. See if you can imagine that feeling as you declare yourself moving toward the life that will allow more of that feeling to be a part of your life.

Stand in a power stance, such as the Wonder Woman stance – hands on hips, feet apart, as you say your affirmative intentions.

Give thanks and let go! Throw your arms up to the sky and make a giant Victory Gratitude Salute to the Divine! (This looks like your arms straight above and out a bit in a ‘V.’

Then take some time to sit quietly and connect. Listen within for any guidance on steps you will need to take to make it so. Write down those steps and make a commitment to follow through first thing Thursday morning!

And abracadabra, so it shall be! Believe it and move towards the future you so deserve!

Have a Blessed New Moon!

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