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Feeling Stagnant? What’s the antidote?

Trying to meditate – my Guides keep putting a pen in my hand, encouraging me to write.

I haven’t felt like it. Haven’t felt inspired in a long time. So I haven’t bothered to even try to share a message or send a cute note to you.

Ever felt too tired to exercise? Too uninspired to write, or draw or paint? Too complacent to make a change?

When we feel that way, the thing we need to get going, is the thing we are lacking. And we have to change it up and begin without, before we will receive what we desire.

In other words, it is a well known fact that if you lack the energy to exercise, you have to move your body and just begin. The energy will not come to you until you put on your sneakers and get going.

If we are willing to write each day, as an exercise to our heart and mind, inspiration will come.

The Universe will not deliver until we need it. Whatever energy you are lacking, begin without it and you will move into the flow once again.

So with inspiration, as we move the pen, or paintbrush, clay or your furniture – just making a move in the direction of creativity – and inspiration begins.

Stagnation happens when we are waiting for something outside of us to cause change. Don’t wait. Make positive change happen in your life by beginning to move the energy inside and outside of you.

Pick up a pen, clear out a closet, put on your sneakers, and make a change!

The energy and inspiration you need will come to you.

Here’s to the message that came through as I finally was willing to pick up my pen.

So glad I could share this with you today!

Blesssed be.

Cat RunningElk

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