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A Prayer for California – Let’s Join and Call in Miracles

Will you take a moment right now and join me in powerful prayer?
Take a few deep breaths, letting go of tension, stress and worry.
Come back to the peace that is always possible, for those of us who are in a safe place right now.
We begin with giving thanks that we are safe.  We can be grateful that we are where we need to be, and that we can reach out and help others because we have what we need right now.
We can send out healing prayers, see miracles happening and hold our hands out to help those who are afraid or hurting right now.

As you breathe, and relax, feel yourself connecting with the Divine.  Open your heart by feeling gratitude for what you have.  You have a home, a way to read this message, you have enough.  Center in your heart with all that gratitude.

From this place of gratitude, we are better able to send out powerful prayers.  When you are in fear, you first need to get yourself out of that place.  So center and align before trying to help anyone else.
Once you are aligned, do as I am.  See positive results happening now!  See miracles happening.  See healing and balance being restored in all the places it is needed.
Join me if you can, or find the words that want to flow in and through you, too, for our friends in California:
“Father, Mother God/Great Spirit…thank you for responding to our prayers today. We give thanks that we are able to come to you, and join our hearts, minds and hands across the land to help our loved ones in need right now.
We call upon the Thunder-Beings, the Great Cloud Nation, to hear our prayers. We know as a people we are not always kind to this earth. We ask for forgiveness and pray that you will bring healing for all our loved ones in California.
We give thanks knowing that the fires will dissipate as you pour your healing waters upon the land. Thank you to the Cloud Nation, thank you for bringing the rain, and helping the humans who are working tirelessly.  Thank you for coming to their rescue so that peace may be restored.
Thank you for guiding all those in danger to safe places.   Thank you that the two-leggeds, four-leggeds, winged ones and all of your creatures find safety.  Thank you for blessing those who are working to fight the fires, keep them safe and bring them help along the way.  Your help.  Miraculous help.
Thank you for extinguishing the fires quickly.  Thank you for guiding all of us in doing what we can to restore peace, healing, comfort, safety and love from coast to coast and around our Mother Earth.
We give thanks now, choosing to trust, that miracles are happening now for all.
And so it is.
In love, hope and peace,
Cat RunningElk
Thank you.

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