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The Panic at The Mall and Remembering Those Who Passed On Halloween

Dear Friends,
Friday night I was at the mall.  I don’t do malls.  I really don’t.  In the last year I have been there twice.
My daughter’s and I had a beautiful day at the park, last Friday. As we were eating dinner by the lake I had a vision of us at the mall, and my Guides said, “Go to the mall tonight.”
So we did.  Turns out there was something I needed to witness.
As we entered the mall Amber said it didn’t feel good.  So I gave my daughters the same advice I give my students, “Most empaths, when they are in an uncomfortable place, make themselves small.  They shrink their energy field, when in fact you need to do the opposite.”
I continued to advise them, “Make your energy as big and bright as you can, and send it out in all directions.  Imagine filling the mall with love and light, from one end to the other.”
We walked around the mall doing the best we could to be bright lights, and to enjoy ourselves.
After a short while, I had a sudden sense of urgency about leaving.  So we began our journey back toward our car, at the other end of the mall.
The we heard gunshots and glass breaking.  People behind us were yelling, and running towards us.  We had to step inside a store to avoid the stampede.  I asked someone who was running past us what was happening and they replied, “There’s a shooter!”
Others were yelling “Get out!” We ran with the crowds and got out of the mall the quickest way we could find, while also herding everyone in the direction of safety.
As we exited the mall Amber stopped another woman about to enter.  Amber told her there was a shooting and not to go inside.
The woman stopped in her tracks and got this look of anger on her face.  In an angry tone she said, “HERE?!  CHRIST!!!”
One person was shot. But not killed.  And that was all, aside from the panic.  Thankfully.
It wasn’t a tragedy, like in other places, but the panic and fear that I saw on everyone’s face, and the lady who said, “HERE?!” sums up most people’s feelings about what’s going on.
It doesn’t belong here. Or there.  Or anywhere.
Let’s all remember to send more love and light out into the world everyday.  Like I told my daughters, when you feel uneasy, or upset, or afraid, then we tend to shrink our enery and we stop sending helpful, positive vibrations.  What we need to do is all make our energy big and bright and make sure to send our love and light in all directions.  See it reaching from coast to coast, and around the world as well.
May we also remember to look out for one another, and do what we can each day to show love and unity.
I am also feeling called to bring back my Monday Night Meditation Group.
My home is a place you can come and find peace, love, acceptance and understanding.  Next Monday night, November 5th at 7 p.m. I will be holding space once again and all are welcome. Come and learn more about meditation and connection. More Information Here.
I will be offering a six week series, so please join me on Monday Nights.  Each week we take time to go within, find peace there, then open up to the Guidance that is available.  The benefits come in helping you increase your positive thought pattern, relaxation, releasing stress and worry, feeling that connection to Spirit, and a heart-felt community.
Find community, look out for one another, and do what you can to visualize, pray for and send out to the Universe a demand for positive change now!
Have a Happy Halloween, and a Sacred Samhain.  Light a candle and remember all who have passed.
With love and respect,
Cat RunningElk
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
Benjamin Franklin

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