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How Balanced Are You? Are You Too Close to Your Tipping Point?

Happy Equinox!  Fall is beginning and today we look at balance.  How balanced do you feel?  Work/Life?  Happy/Sad?  Allowing as much ease as you are challenges?
We need the light and the dark.  We need to know some challenges in life to help us grow.  In order to understand joy, we must shed some tears.
Today is an opportunity to check in and find your own internal balance.  Rather than trying to control the outer world, and feeling depressed and frustrated, try spending time learning to control your world.  From there you can make a greater contribution to the outer.
In order to learn this self control in your world,  you must find balance in your life.  Take time for all that you need, rather than focusing on the one thing that may seem easy to do, or even addicting.
Are you on the internet/phone/tv a little too much?  Could you spend more time outside?  Maybe find community rather than isolating?  Or have you been saying ‘yes’ to every social opportunity rather than having the courage to spend time alone?
The really miraculous thing is that nature always seeks balance.  Mother Nature will do what she needs to do to stay in alignment, and when we immerse ourselves in the natural world, we can feel our own body and mind come back into alignment with balance.  We feel a sense of peace and contentment when we are living a balanced life.
My time in nature is so important to me.  Time alone is important.  Time with others, in community, keeps me balanced.  Time with my family and time to myself.  All are important to living a healthy/whole life.
Today I suggest you find the balance you need.  Turn off your electronic devices and go outside, if you’ve been on these devices every day!
Call a friend and get out, if you’ve been a hermit lately.
Or say ‘no’ to your friends and family if you usually say ‘yes,’ and stay home  instead.
I will be disconnecting from my internet the rest of the weekend.  I’ll check back in on Monday.
If it’s hard for you to unplug, then you really need it.  If it’s difficult to imagine living a few days without Netflix, you might want to step out the door.
Take a deep breath and decide what you need to do, to find balance.
Too much of a good thing…could be an imbalance.
Go within or out, whatever you need, and enjoy your Equinox Weekend.
Happy Fall.

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