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Value Yourself! You Are A Precious Presence in This World

If you don’t value yourself, you are going to receive less than what you desire…always.
Begin to value your magnificent pressence.  Your kindness, your spirit.  Know just being you has tremendous value.  Your authentic self is making a valuable contribution to this world.
Affirm daily “I love and value myself.”
Surrender to your worth and let the Universe bless you.
Change the way you see yourself.  Learn to see yourself through the eyes of Divine Love.
 Pray about it, meditate on it and ask for this to happen.
Simply say, “Thank you for helping me see myself as You see me.  Thank you for allowing myself to see myself through the eyes of Divine Love.”
Or you may want to say, “I now see myself through God’s eyes.”
Surrender to the best the Universe has to offer., by realizing your true inherent value.
To help you learn to love yourself, value yourself, and realize your inherent worth, I am sharing the teachings of The Divine Feminine.
The  Divine Feminine classes begin this Thursday, September 13th. Thursday evenings at my place in Shawnee, with a beautiful group of women who are all learning to love themselves more.
 More information here:  The Divine Feminine
Join me via internet, Saturdays, beginning next Saturday, September 15th.  Each Saturday at 12 noon central time we will also have classes covering the same Divine Feminine Teachings.
I want you to feel good about yourself.  I want you to see how amazing you really are.  Can you learn to see the Divine within you?  I believe you can, and these classes are designed to help you do so.
You deserve it.  You deserve to feel good about yourself.  You deserve a good life.  For yourself, yes, but also so you can be a positive vibration for the rest of the world as well.
Most importantly I want you to know:  You are Precious.  You are Beautiful.  You make a difference just being you.
Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being here, on this planet at this time.  And thank you for being a part of my life.
In Love and Light,
Cat RunningElk

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