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Do You Run Away As Your Dreams Begin to Manifest Like My Chipmunk Friend?

There is this adorable chipmunk who comes to my patio for sunflower seeds.  Mostly he fills up his cheeks with the seeds that fall to the ground from the bird feeders.

Often I leave a separate pile on the ledge for him.  He is so cute to watch.  I really don’t mind leaving extra seed out for him.

Sometimes the squirrels get a little nutty and take not only the whole pile, but also hang from the bird feeders getting as much as they can.  And they bring their friends with them.

Not the chipmunk.  He is very polite and seems to only take what he needs, or what can fit in his expansive mouth.

So when he came and sat under my windowsill, on my patio table, chirping incessantly, I responded to his call.

The pile had been consumed by the squirrel pack earlier in the day.  Now here he was wondering where was something just for him?

I told him I would get out the birdseed and bring some to him pronto.  I was so happy to see him actually asking me for what he wanted.

There seemed to be zero apprehension in either of us as I opened the screen door and stepped onto the patio.

For a moment I envisioned him staying, and allowing me to feed him from my hand.

I wanted to get close to him, but as I approached I felt a sudden jolt of fear.  Only a couple feet away, both of us studying each other closely, there was a shift.

He went from sitting calmly waiting for me to share with him, to running frantically over the ledge, onto the concrete, around the courtyard,along the grass and he just kept going until I couldn’t see him anymore.

I called after him, hoping he would watch me from a distance that felt safe for him.  But instead he just disappeared.

I placed a pile of seed on the ledge for him and I felt sad.  I blamed myself for scaring him away.  Maybe I could have approached more slowly.  Maybe I was acting too eager.

Looking within I wondered who felt afraid first.  Did I become apprehensive, wondering if I should put my hand out to him?  Was I worrying he might bite me?

Did he sense my fear?  Or did I sense his fear?  Who was more concerned and whose to blame for the fear that drives us away?

In life, just when the Universe is opening up, offering us all our dreams come true, we become afraid.

Doesn’t matter what it is you are wanting, there is a fear that runs from anything new, even if it is a blessing.  In my coaching practice I see it all the time.  Someone about to walk through the doors of having what they have been wanting for so long, and they find excuses to run the other way.

Or sometimes we freeze, paralyzed not knowing how to handle something new.  Anxiety kicks in and suddenly we are in crisis, instead of allowing ourselves to simply receive.

And then there are those who know how to fight.  The fear kicks them into a negative space, looking for the flaws, not believing something could really be that good.  In our complaining, we drive our blessings away.

Fear is there to keep us safe. But most of the time it just keeps us from receiving what would bring us our greatest joy.

In order to fully receive everything you desire you must let go of the fear.  In order to get rid of the fear, you need to stay open and take the next step.  In order to know what the next step is, you must relax your mind, heart and body.



Take the next step.

Allow yourself to get closer to all your dreams come true.

You can do it yourself, just go within and know what you must do.
Or you can call me.  I’m here to hold your hand, encourage you and help you dissolve the blocks and fears.


Whatever you choose to do, relax and let the good stuff in.

In love,

Cat RunningElk

“We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Don’t think so much, just love.
-Cat RunningElk


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