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Barefoot on the Trail

My feet are hurting right now and it makes me happy.

It’s been a long, long time since I was barefoot on the trail.

Walking my path today I had to be mindful as every little rock and stick felt piercing on my soft feet.  Thoughtfully I considered hot spots, cool grass and rocky trail.

It slowed me down and again, I was reminded of the importance of taking your time (see my  post on taking your time.)

I took my time while remembering the last time I had been on this trail, when my youngest daughter asked if we could cut across a field.  I used to blaze new trails all the time.  But when she asked –  I stood still and realized I had become maybe a little too stuck on following the clear path before me.

I hadn’t considered blazing a new trail in years.  Cut across the field?  Could we do that?

It was good to be encouraged by youth to try something new.

The fields we cut across had recently been burned.  We saw plants rising up and my mind contemplated the new ways of teaching I still resist.  I thought of the encouragement and urging from the younger generation telling me to do more online.

So today, with my recently broken toe still mending, unable to wear my sneakers, I went barefoot.  Taking my time I trekked my usual route.

My daughters went ahead of me, forging the way.  They waited patiently at the end of the trail for me.

We live in a world that is in a hurry.  We are doing more and more faster and faster.

My greatest joy in my work is having people come to my home for classes.  I love creating old fashioned community.  I love hugs and touch and connecting eye to eye, heart to heart.  Won’t doing more here, online, be encouraging people to spend more time online, and less time connecting in person?

I enjoyed my walk today.  My intentions clearly focused on making sure each step would be the best place for me to put the sensitive soles of my feet.

In life listen to your soul.  Listen and make choices that align with the truth you want to live.

Thoughtfully, carefully I may choose to make changes in my life, in my teachings and the way I show up in the world.  Perhaps I will slowly do more audio and offer videos.  Maybe.  Maybe I can still learn a new trick or two.

But it will be a conscious choice mindfully made and in alignment with Spirit’s will for me and my life.  I don’t feel I need to hurry up and do what everyone else is doing.  Instead I feel like taking my time and really listening to what is the best way for me to share the wisdom and love that wants to channel through me.

What is the hurry anyway?

I enjoyed my walk today.  I am enjoying the journey, enjoying my life and don’t feel a need to blaze as many trails these days.

I will leave that to my children.

May your next step be the right one for you.  Blaze a  new trail.  Be bold and adventurous.

Or…take off your shoes and mindfully enjoy the trail.

Take your time and connect with the right next step for you.

In love and peace,

Cat RunningElk



1 thought on “Barefoot on the Trail”

  1. I walk outside to tend to flowers , plants and hoses forgetting my shoes quite often . My knees buckling in pain from stepping on rocks and sticks… I love it …ruining my socks too … Teehee


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