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The Power Within You

Just a simple reminder of the power you have to change your life right now.
What is the best thought you can have in this moment?
How are you feeling?  How can you shift that feeling up a notch?
Remember:  You are responsible for your thoughts, your feelings and the results you are seeing in your life.
Want to change things?  Take inventory of how you are feeling every day.
Work towards positive thinking…and be compassionate with yourself around the negatives.  Don’t beat yourself up about them.  See all the negative thoughts and experiences as teachers.  Bless them, thank them and let them know you don’t need them anymore.
Sometimes our self sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts and fears are based on a deep need to keep you safe.  In a way, your blocks are trying to love you and keep you from harm.
So don’t get mad at your blocks.  Love them and thank them.  Then let them know that maybe you don’t need them anymore!
Give thanks for the opportunities within you and all around you.  Whatever you need to feel better faster, it’s available now.  Open up and receive what you need to heal your mind, your heart and your life.
Give thanks for the trials and errors.  Bless them.  Give thanks for the opportunities to learn.  Release the blocks with love.
Then turn around and embrace a more liberated way of living!
In love and gratitude for the miracles all around us,
Cat RunningElk

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