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Don’t Seek Happiness, Be Happiness

Getting everything you want, isn’t the best or easiest way to happiness.  But thinking about what you want, and why you want it, can help you understand who you are.
Once you understand who you are, you can follow the simplest path to happiness which is simply being who you are.
You can figure out who you are easily by considering what you want, and then go a little deeper by asking “Why do I want that?  What will that give me?”  And the most important question of all, “How do I believe I will feel when I have that?”  Or “How do I think I will feel when I have accomplished that goal?”
What we really want, is the feeling we believe we will have when we get what it is we think we want.  We WANT TO FEEL A CERTAIN WAY.
Why do we long for certain feelings?  Because those feelings are a vibration.  When we vibrate a certain way, or feel a certain way, we are in alignment with WHO we really are.
We have been taught we need to pursue something to get that feeling.
And when we feel how we want to feel, we will be happy.  The shortcut in is to FEEL the way you want to feel and BE who you really came to be.
So BE happy by sharing happiness.  Be kind.  Smile more.  Allow your life to be fun.  Look for the good.  BE what you came to be!
And so it goes…the things we desire, we want them because we believe they will give us the feeling we desire.
If you desire FREEDOM, you came to express FREEDOM.
Find a way to express more of that in the life you are living now.  Don’t wait, just expand into being more and more of who you really are.  Be free to think and feel free and express it all that you can!
Want love?  Guess what…you are here to BE LOVE. So give love, be loving, express love and if you do this authentically not only will love come back to you from others, but LOVE will be flowing through you.  As LOVE you can’t help but feel love!
Give what you desire. Be who you are.  Express the truth of what lives deep inside you.  Whatever you are wanting to feel, you are that.  Learn to let your authentic self out more and more each day.
The feeling you want is the essence of who you are!
In love, light and joy!
Cat RunningElk

To BE Happy, Remember and Affirm, “I AM Happiness!”

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