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5 Steps To Intuitive Mastery – Step One

Tonight I continue my Five Week To Intuitive Mastery Class, 7:00 at my place.  Be sure to email me to reserve your spot and for directions!
For those who cannot attend my class, here is a little bit of guidance and a focus on Step One…ASKING!

With our thoughts and words we are always affirming and drawing to us what we are saying.

If you go around saying “I don’t know what to do…I just don’t know.”  Or “I never know what to do.  I’m so confused!”  You will get a lot more not knowing, and a lot more confusion.


Instead try affirming what you want:  “I am so happy and grateful now that I am tuned in and receiving the answers I need.”

Begin to believe that you are connected!  Because everyone is, but most people are so in their heads thinking negative thoughts they don’t spend anytime ASKING for and believing they can and will receive the Guidance they desire.

When you ask the Universe for specific guidance, be sure you are asking in a way that aligns with the highest and best for you.  Asking “Should I marry this man?” is not a good question.  Instead you want to think about what you want and ask more specifically, “Would this marriage bring me great joy and happiness and is it for the highest and best good for all?”


There is an art to the questions asked in a good reading.  The answers will always be in direct alignment with the question.   So pay attention to what you are asking.
Your Guides and Angels are ready, willing and able to answer your questions.  But first you must ask for what you need.
You can ask “I am grateful for the guidance you can give me to help me live a better life.”  Or “Thank you for Guidance that brings me and my loved ones greater health, happiness, wealth and love.”
“Should I…” questions are too general.  “Should I?”  Well, you can.  But you may not like it.  So get specific in your questions.  There are lessons we will learn when we go in one direction, and there are blessings we may receive in another direction.
Are you looking for a learning opportunity? Then ask for guidance in that direction.
If  you want the good stuff, more joy, health and prosperity, ask for guidance in that direction!


Tonight for those who can attend, we will reveiw the questions you are asking, and we will also focus on the next step…Five Steps to Intuitive Mastery…at Cat’s Place Monday Nights.
Here’s to living a life that is Divinely Guided and Blessed!
In love and light,
Cat RunningElk

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