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They Are All Our Children

Many years back I was attending a satsung (spiritual gathering) with the teacher Amma.  She is known as the hugging saint from India, and she is a beautiful, loving presence.

I sat in a state of peaceful, joyous meditation, only a few feet away from Amma and next to the empty space directly in front of her.  This is sacred space, and it is about ten feet square.  I was sitting along the border of that sacred space, along with about a dozen others.

Hundchldren praying.jpegreds of people were in the room, and I was most grateful to be close to Amma’s beautiful enlightened presence.

As we listened to Amma chant, all of us smiling and happy, we saw two children drawn into the sacred space.  At first they were quiet and dancing in a manner that felt sweet and innocent.

We all smiled and wondered to ourselves if the children’s parents would come soon to escort them from the place that was to be kept void of activity.

Then the children became more boisterous.  I and others near me looked to the left and to the right, behind us and all around the crowd.  We were all thinking the same thing, “Where are their parents?”   We stretched our necks to find the adults who should be taking care of these little ones.

The energy around us was shifting from peaceful contemplation to concern.  Amma was still chanting with her eyes closed, but she certainly must have been aware of the children who were now falling over each other and making loud noises.

I closed my eyes, turning away from the negative feelings now beginning to percolate around the room. Immediately I heard a voice within saying, “These are your children. They are everyone’s children.  Do not look for the parents, take care of them for you are all their parents.”

I opened my eyes feeling Amma had just spoken to me.   I stood up and moved calmly toward the children.

Several of the people sitting around me must have received the exact same message at the exact same time.  We all rose up peacefully and extended loving arms to contain the laughing chldren.  We met in the middle, encircling them with love.

As we escorted the children to another place, I felt the warm embrace of Amma’s love and approval towards us all.

We redirected the children’s energy and bodies to a place they could play freely without interfering with anyone’s meditation.

We smiled at one another knowingly as we returned to our places holding the sacred space.

We are all the parents.  It doesn’t matter if you gave birth or adopted the children you see struggling in life right now.  It is for all of us to step up and make sure they are safe.

They need a safe place to play.  A safe place to shout and sing!  A safe place to  learn.

May it come to pass that they can all grow up in safety and feel secure in their schools, parks and communities.

This Saturday we will hold space for those who will be marching.  At 2:00 central time I will ask everyone in my class to join me as we see changes being made in this country to keep all of our children safe.  Join us if you can and see the changes that need to happen now.

Thank you to all who are stepping out.  Blessings on the young  adults who are making a difference.  May Spirit work through them, empower them and bring miracles to pass.

Let us make sure to pay attention to the children in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our communities and in our world.

They are all our children.

Bless them indeed.

Participate in a march near you.  Find one here.


“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a boy.”

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