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Walk In Balance – Equinox Blessings

We just celebrated the Equinox at my house with a good movie and chocolate cake.  Okay, so not a traditional gathering, it was too cold to be outside, but at least I  balanced the cake with some apples and carrot juice!

I look at each of the Equinox Holidays with gratitude for the  message of balance.  It is a good time to reflect on the way you are walking your path.  I like to check in and consider the ways I find balance, sometimes daily, and sometimes in the seasons.

Daily balance is about finding the routines that help you maintain a positive energy and attitude.

Do you remember to take time to reflect, meditate and appreciate what is good each day?  Do you also allow yourself moments of joy, laughter and silliness?

Are you working too many hours?  Do you let yourself become bored now and then?  Are you both active and able to be still?

Are you eating a healthy diet?  Do you allow the occasional celebratory cake and champagne?

Taking care of your body with exercise while also relaxing on a lazy Sunday in bed?

Living in balance includes a daily routine of work and rest, meditation and activity, somberness and joy.

But we also need to find balance in the seasons.  As nature changes the world we live in and the wheel goes round each year, you will find a yearly balance to your life.

As the sun shines brighter most people become more active.  Although I know some people who have the opposite reaction to spring and summer.  They live dreading the heat and retreat in summer, and come out to play in wintertime.

To each there is a season…a season to shine.  There is a time of year when your energy is higher and a few months each year when you may find your life flowing with greater ease.

As the wheel comes round to warmer days, you may feel your energy surging.  Many feel more positive emotions with the increased daylight. As nature springs forth, they, too, spring forth with new ideas and increased productivity.

Yet if you don’t feel that way, be gentle and know you are working with a different balanced and equally important energy.  It may not be the way most live, but however you find balance during the year, know it is good to allow it to unfold in a natural way for you.

There are flowers that bloom in the wintertime.  Animals that love the dark and cold. And people that burst forth as the days grow short and cold.

Some people are morning people, and rise easily with the sun and greet the day with a smile.  Others greet the twilight with the same enthusiasm.  There are many, myself included, who have more energy and creative ideas after the sun sets.

Stay in touch with nature’s cycle and you will find your own rhythm.  Pay attention to your energy and you can learn to stay balanced in your own way.

Do your best to walk in balance every day.  And enjoy the greater balance that happens organically as you learn how to walk in balance with the wheel of the year.


A season to rest, a season to take action.  A season to reflect, a season to share.

It’s all good.  Like chocolate cake and apples. Sleeping in and staying up late…


I am walking in my own balanced way.

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