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Enjoying the Wait, Embracing the Journey and Going to the Eagles

Last summer I wrestled with going to see Tom Petty in concert or going to my own gig in Omaha. (Read my post on “Showing Up” here.) I went with the commitment I had already made, went to Omaha and made some fantastic new friends!
Yet when Tom Petty passed last fall, for a little while I was mad at myself for missing an opportunity.  I went back on every bit of wisdom I shared in my blog post on “showing up to serve…”
Then David Cassidy passed, another childhood crush that never went away.  David’s last words, whispered to his daughter, were, “So much wasted time…”  
After reading that Spirit whispered in my ear, “Cat, don’t waste your time wondering what to do, do everything you want.  You can do the things that bring you joy, and serve.  You just need to plan a little better!”
I’ve never been a very good planner.  I have long fantasized about a manager who would organize events and then just let me know where I need to be tomorrow.  I would gladly just show up and bring through the wisdom and love.  That is so easy.  But oh, the planning!
Here is today’s plan, which seems kind of last minute, but oh, well, I’m not going to teach tonight.  I’m embracing an opportunity that I don’t want to let slide by…
Enjoy life now.  Do what you love. Be with those you love.  Don’t waste your time doubting your worth and denying yourself joy.  Go for the best you can by embracing the wonderful opportunities before you.
No more wasted time.  I’m taking my daughters to see the Eagles tonight.  
Next Saturday I will be having fun at Spirit of the Woods, in Desoto, Kansas. More on my upcoming Spring Equinox Event here. I hope those in the area will come out for an afternoon of celebrating the season, clarifying your vision and allowing more love into your life.
Every day is another opportunity to enjoy who and what is in your life now.  When I see you again, it will be a fun and celebratory day, with or without rock music.
In love and joy,
Cat RunningElk

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