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Surrender Your Concern For Time

As we adjust to our clocks being forced forward, we want to be kind with our minds and bodies as they catch up.

I was off by an hour today.  Still connected to the time of winter, I was about an hour behind on everything.

And I didn’t really care too much.  I made adjustments as I went, and did my best to be on time for others, while not berating myseslf internally for lagging.

Tonight in my Intuitive Mastery class we did a meditation to adjust our internal clocks.  If you would like to do the same, I can offer some guidance here.

In a meditative space, within your own intuitive and imaginative mind, see a clock.  Even better imagine pulling a pocket watch out of your pocket and hold it in your hands.

While looking at your clock, bless it.  Thank it for always being synchronized with Divine Time.  Give thanks that your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical clock, are all aligned to the right and perfect time for you.

Then look around, in your mind, again using your imagination, see numerous clocks around you.  These repesent all the places and people in our lives that ask for, or demand our time.

Wave your hand, or a magic wand over all the clocks ticking all over the place.  Bless them and synchronize them.  Then give thanks that you are always in the right place at the right time for your greatest blessings to flow.

As  my guides told me tonight in my meditation, we need to surrender our concern for time.  Surrender days, months, years, and your judgment of how much time something should take.  Release your beliefs about how much time you need, how long it’s been and give up wondering how long it will be until….

Simple be and enjoy the flow as you are.

Time will keep on ticking away.  Instead of running with the clocks and allowing time to dictate your life, listen to Spirit.  Let the flow of life guide you and trust you will and always have been right on time.

In peace and love,

Cat RunningElk

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