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How to Let Go and Let God…Place your order and enjoy the wait.

One of the most difficult concepts for people to grasp in regards to the law of attraction is the final step – letting go and letting God.

Our minds want direction.  Your brain needs a job.  It wants to know ‘how’ to let go.

When in fact ‘letting go’ means doing nothing about it anymore.

And yet my clients ask, “How do you do that?”

How do you get your mind to relax?

Well, what do you focus on after you have exhausted yourself saying affirmations, visualizing, meditating, aligning, clearing, and actively releasing with burning bowls, rituals and ceremonies?  You made the vision boards, took the classes, read the books, got your chakras in shape, but now what?  What should you focus on next?

Most students of  the law of attraction believe they must continue to think about and meditate on that which has not yet manifested.  And they wonder what they are doing wrong, because it isn’t here yet!

What is usually missing is simply the art of letting go.

Quit thinking about ‘how to make it happen’ and instead focus on how to make yourself happy and content while you wait, in faith.

Think of it this way, if you and I were eating at a restaurant, and we placed our orders, what would you do while waiting for the food to arrive?

Would you enjoy the time we had to share and discuss other things?  Would you enjoy the company and the ambience?

Or would you anxiously worry about your order?  Would you spend all your time wondering if you ordered the right thing?  And would you run back and forth into the kitchen, disturbing the chef to make sure that they are making it to your liking?

I know that I would place my order, which means I might visualize, pray affirmatively, and get into a positive feeling place as I imagine what I desire.

Then after placing the order, I would occupy myself by observing those around me.  I would take in the beauty of the place, be grateful for the company I am with, and do my best to stay focused on whatever is pleasant while I wait.

I would think about that which I ordered from time to time, anticipating enjoying it when it comes, while also staying in the present moment as much as possible.

I would be happy and excited for what the Chef is preparing for me.  I would probably place my order in total faith asking that the Chef make for me whatever they feel I would most enjoy.  And whatever would be best for me.

When you have said your affirmations, after you have imagined being the recepient of what you desire, relax and enjoy your life.

It is good to get ready for that which you desire to manifest.  And it is always good to enjoy what you have, what you are doing, and where you are right now.

The food will come.  It will be good.  It may even be better than you expected.

Or it may be a disappointment, especially if you get impatient and have no faith in The Chef.

Stay in faith.  God/Great Spirit/Universe knows exactly what is best for you.  There is a knowing in the Universe and your Guides and Angels have taken your order and passed it on to the Master Chef.

Have some bread, kick back and enjoy the wait.


The art of letting go and letting God is much like placing your order with the wait staff, and then enjoying the company you are with, enjoying the ambience, having pleasant conversation with those who have accompanied you while at the back of your mind you are looking forward to the wonderful meal that will be coming soon…

In love and faith,

Cat RunningElk

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