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Be True To You – Here’s How

Be Yourself.  Follow Your Heart.  Be True to You.  Just be you…
All easier said than done some days.  We may know that it is true, yet we may find ourselves living to please others.  Trying to do the right thing.  Struggling to keep others happy.
Or feeling obliged to stay in an unpleasant job or situation because we feel we must for reasons out of our control.
So how do you learn to be true to you?  How can you follow your heart, when your head is screaming at you to do what the rest of the world says is the right thing?
Number one:  Stop.  Stop all activity.  Be still.  Go within.
Spend some time in nature.  Take a day and do nothing.  Stay in bed and meditate if you must.
But the first step is to step away from the maddening crowds and go within.
You will not be able to hear your own soul, if you are always listening to the voices of others.
Take time for yourself, and get to know you better than you know everyone else.
How much quality time have you spent with yourself?  Do you feel that you should always be around other people?  Or do you allow yourself experiences alone so you can better understand who you really are?
Today, make a plan to take time with YOU.  Make a date and take yourself on a splendid journey all alone.
The more time you spend really listening to what is inside, the parts of you that still feel negelected, the easier it will be to voice the truth. The more time you spend getting to know you, the more you will stand up for what your heart wants, when the rest of the world tries to challenge your truth.
Be true to you, by being there for yourself in the best way possible.
Make a date with you, today.
“Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.”
― bell hooks

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