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It’s In Everyone Of Us…Just Ask!

Whatever it is you are wanting – guidance, prosperity, healing, love – have you asked?  Did you ask the angels to help you?
Ask…and receive.
There are so many spirits around you at all times.  Some are there to watch over and protect you.  Some are there to guide you in fulfulling your life’s mission.
There are spirit guides, angels, star beings, spirit animals…and so much more.  There are angels of money, angels of love and romance, angels for your career.
There are spirit guides who know exactly where you need to be at what time to meet the right people.
Everything you need, just ask, and trust the right Guide or Angelic being will go to work on your behalf.
When you ask for help, help is there.  But the first rule of connection is asking for help.  Guidance, healing, whatever you need – you have to ask.
It is in the asking that we open up and allow ourselves to receive.   Ask and then be still.  Ask and then listen. Ask and move out in faith.
Ask and then show up, in whatever way you feel the guidance coming to and through you.
If you have been asking for some guidance, here is another answer;  come on over this evening and receive the messages you need right here.  Myself and other intuitives will be here to help you receive the insights you need to proceed in the life you are meant to be living.
No matter where you are at in your life right now, before you begin your day, ask for those on the other side to go before you.  Ask to be guided.
Ask and believe.  You will receive the guidance you need.
Pay attention to the messages you receive in meditation, and just as importantly, pay attention to the messages you receive throughout the day.
Your angels and guides are constanly communicating with you.  But most of the time we are staring at the ground, a phone, a computer, the road, and we fail to notice all the signs around us.
Look up, pay attention and receive the guidance you need.
If you have been asking for more guidance in connecting with your angels and guides, come on over.
Intuitive Mastery Monday night, tonight at 7.  Tuesday, Tarot and Thursday evenings – Group Coaching.
Whatever you need to know, to get where you want to be…it is available to  you.
In love and light,
It’s in everyone of us
To be wise
Find your heart
Open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
Without ever knowing why,
It’s in everyone of us
By and by…
Song by David Pomeranz

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