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A New Year is before you…How Will You Use All That Time?

What are you going to do with all that time?

All the time in the world.  All the time that is before you.

The Universe has given you more time than you can imagine to make a difference.

To save a life.  Be a friend.  Love Someone.  Love yourself.

What are you going to do with all that amazing time before you?

It’s a new year.  It’s a new day.  It’s a new moment.

Be present.  Share a smile.  Give a gift. Give your time. Call a friend.  Go an extra step.  Go an extra mile.

Write a book. Write a page.  Write a letter.  Do it now.

Take a class.  Teach a class.  Clean your space.  Clear your space.

Walk more.  Drive less.  Get a hybrid.  Ride a bike.

Plant some flowers.  Plant a tree.  Sing a song.  Write a song.  Dance around the house.  Whistle while you work.

Smile more.  Frown less.  Laugh out loud.  Laugh at your mistakes.  Lighten up.  Brighten a room.

Get up earlier.  Watch the sunrise.  Look at the clouds.  Count the stars.  Wonder and dream.  Follow that dream.  Make something wonderful happen.  See it through.

Do good.  Speak your mind.  Better yet, change your mind.

Be inspired.  Be inspirational.  Be grateful and let it show.

Stand up.  Step up.  Get off the sofa more.  Turn off the tv.  Turn off the internet.  Get fit.  Move your body.  Love your body.

Care for yourself.  Care about life.  Give more.  Donate blood.  Donate your time.  Donate your stuff.

Recycle more.  Buy less.  Give up what you don’t need.  Love the Earth.  Go outside.  Hug a tree.  Hug a friend.  Hug a stranger.

Love a lot,  A lot more.  Forgive the past.  Forgive yourself.  Better yet forget the past.  Let it rest.  Let it go.

Open your heart.  Love the one in the mirror.  Be who you are.  Let everyone be who they are.

Cook from scratch.  Buy more fruit and vegetables.  Eat them before they go bad.  Be mindful of what you consume.

Be mindful of what you say.  Say good things or hold your tongue.  Smile.

Do good things.  Hold the door for someone.

Listen to the birds sing.  Sing yourself.  Learn guitar.  Play the piano.  Play each day.

Go for a walk.  Hold hands with your beloved, partner, spouse, friend.  Tell them they are beautiful.  Tell them you love them.

Tell yourself, too.

Learn the salsa.  Take ballroom lessons.  Buy flowers for the table.  Use the good china more.  Skip the drivethrough.

Go someplace new.  Take a new road.  Take a chance.

See the country.  See the world.  See what’s right around the corner.  See what’s right in front of you.

Open your eyes.

Paint a picture.  Play with a dog.  Adopt a cat.  Save a life.  Save your own.

Let love inside you.  Let it move you…to tears.

Give a compliment. Sit with an elder.  Ask questions.  Tell a story.  Get to know someone new to you.  Each day.

Notice the people around you.  Say, “hello,’ as you come and go.

Turn off the phone.  Look up.  Look for the good.  See the good.  In yourself.  In your neighbor.  In your community.  In this country.  In the world.

Make the most of your time. All this time you’ve been given.

It’s precious.  It’s your life.

Don’t waste it.  Don’t abuse it.  Don’t criticize it.

Don’t ignore it.  Don’t horde it.  Don’t fear the potential that is before you.

All this time…

What are you going to do…this year…this day…this moment…right now?

Here’s to making the most of the new year.

Be present.  Give a present.  Give some time. Say your prayers.

Give thanks.

For all that precious time…

In love and appreciation for our time together.



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