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Bring in the New Year Blessings…

Here’s a ritual we practice to bring in the New Year in a positive way…First, clear you home of negative energy with some sage, incense and/or cleaning with a broom or vacuum and positive intentions.
Affirming as you clear, “I clear our home of all negativity, past and present. We clear this home for the good of all.”
Then have a candle, preferably a new one, and I like to use white on New Year’s. Turn out all the lights in your home just before midnight. As you turn out the lights affirm, “I release the past. Thank you 2017.”
Or any other words you want to say as you let go of last year. Consider what it brought to your life, and give thanks for the blessings.
Have one member of your family outside at midnight, they will light the candle and knock on the door.
When you answer the door, the person outside announces they are bringing in the New Year, and all the blessings you desire.
The person bringing in the New Year will come into the home proclaiming blessings to come this new year. They may say, “I bring peace, joy, happiness, prosperity. 2018 brings health, success and love.”
Walk around your home with the new year candle, and turn the lights on, or light candles, or both.
Walk into every room with the new year blessings being announced and light up your home!
Bring in the Good tonight at Midnight!

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