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Happy Solstice – Look For the Light

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Solstice.  May all your holidays be happy ones with a time for reflecting on all that is good!
As you take time for yourself over the holidays, look back over the past year and reflect on how far you have come.  Consider your spiritual growth, not your materialistic standing.  Focus on what you have accomplished within your soul.
Look at the ways that you have overcome negative thinking and know that is the most important task and the most challenging of all.  How did you show courage? Did you stand up for yourself or others?  Have you been mindful with your words?
Acknowledge the ways you have grown within.  Focus on the ways you made a difference this past year.
Look at the light that you are and know as you appreciate it, that light will continue to reach out and grow brighter in this world.
Go forward in faith that you will continue to look for the good in yourself.  Affirm that you will appreciate the life you are living and that you will look for ways to be a blessing in the new year.
Keep your face to the sunshine…
May the light increase within you and all around you now…
Happy Holidays.
Cat RunningElk

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