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Find Community…Or Create One

As the darkest part of the year is now descending upon us, we must remember to gather with others.
We must gather around the fire, or a candle, or just stay close to one another, to keep the darkness from cutting us off from the love and light that is always available.
For centuries there have been many celebrations throughout the dark of winter.  Any reason to gather and keep each other warm, to share a story and keep one another’s spirits up, has been a part of every culture during the cold, dark winter time.
In Northern regions they know not to isolate themselves in the winter.  And we know not to rely upon vitual connections to keep our spirit’s up, right?  Instead we remember to seek out heart-based connections, in person.
Three nights this week my home is available for community.  Mondays for meditation and practice using your own intuition.  Tuesdays we play with the Tarot, and this Thursday I will help you make your dreams a reality in a group coaching setting.
There are groups like this everywhere.  Meet-ups, churches, spiritual centers, healing places and spiritual teachers, all doing what each can to keep us connected live and in-person!
We need time alone, but we also need to gather with others.
As you head into your own winter hibernation, remember the picture of the dancing bears?  Even they know enough to come out of the cave once in awhile to celebrate.
Stay balanced. Find your community.
Join me here, or create one of your own.
In love and community,
Cat RunningElk

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