It’s Easy to Support a Dream

Lolo, my daughter, and Patrick, her husband, are in a very important fundraising campaign, and have a chance to pitch to big time Hollywood producers if they are one of the top ten tiered winners of the campaign.  Plus they could win an additional $25,000 and get distribution and a whole bunch of other goodies…
Winning it isn’t just about how much money they raise, it’s also about how many followers they have.  So I am trying to help them get enough followers…which has been even harder than raising the money.  Not sure why…
So I am sending out individual emails to ask my friends…
Please know this is REALLY important for them!!!
Thanks so much!!
Step 2.  Click on “Follow” or “Make a Pledge” if you can plege any money (the funds won’t be withdrawn until the campaign is finished.)
Step 3.  Enter your name, email and make a password
Step 4. Click enter and it will take you to a survey page.(if you are making a plege you will fill out the $ info first)
Step 5.   Fill out the survey, or scroll to the bottom and hit ‘skip.’
That’s it.  Thank you soooo much for taking the time to help two young talented kids grab at the brass ring!

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