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Just when you stop expecting them to show up…
There they are.
And Joy returns.
I’d been waiting months for this to happen.  I know this little creature is probably just passing through, but still, it brought me so much joy, that I have to share…


I had put up two hummingbird feeders last spring, knowing that my little concrete patio lacked the plants and flowers that usually attract hummingbirds, but nevertheless I wanted to try.


I put up a bright red plastic feeder, knowing this had the best chance for drawing the sweet, sensitive creature into my space.


I also hung an artsy blue glass one, that was much prettier to me, but I suspected was less attractive to our winged friends.
After a couple of months, I took down the red plastic one as it was only attracting ants and wasps.  I felt disappointed as I tucked it away for a future home with more nature.
I left the blue glass one up as decoration only.  I didn’t even bother replenishing or refreshing the sugar water inside as I didn’t expect to ever draw the miraculous bird to me.
Then the other day I was helping one of our cats get situated just so, on a chair by the porch door, so she could have a clear view of the sparrows, doves and the occasional cardinal to our feeder, and I noticed something flitting around the blue glass feeder.
A sweet, tiny hummingbird perched itself comfortably on the edge of the pretty feeder and took a long drink.
At first I thought maybe I was imagining it.  Maybe it was a spirit hummingbird.
But the cat on the chair was equally mesmerized by the presence of the hovering miracle and began cat-chirping, and I knew it was really there.
She spent some time at the artful feeder, sometimes sitting, sometimes hovering, and all the while I stood in complete awe on the other side of the glass.
After months of waiting, then no longer expecting, then completely forgetting the possibility, she appeared.
The hummingbird at my feeder today felt like a miracle.  A simple moment of joy for me, miraculous in my mind that she found me just when I had given up all thought of ever seeing this incredible creature here at my little concrete patio, in the little courtyard of our little apartment complex.
I give thanks for those who are stopping by.  I am grateful I can offer what I have to give be it birdseed, sugar water or an ear, a compassionate heart and some sage advice.
So grateful for the miracle of Spirit guiding these sweet, sensitive creatures here to me today.
I’m grateful for all the miracles in my life.  Somehow you found me, too. We were guided and meant to connect.
And I am just as overjoyed and in awe of everyone who finds me, calls me, comes to see me and the synchronicities we experience in our connecting.
All the miracles every day that are a part of our lives.  The people, the connections and the winged ones who cross our path, each miraculously there in perfect and divine timing.
Stop and notice who is in your life now.  Some come for a moment and are gone.  Some come to stay for more than a moment, and leave sweet memories.  Others choose to stay forever.
Each is a miraculous connection.  Each one guided to be in your life for a moment, a day or a lifetime.
And it seems that just when we have quit looking for those special connections, we give up and forget all about it, there they are again.
Synchronicity, miracles and the sweetness of crossing paths, you never know when someone special will come into your life.
Today the hummingbirds are here.  And I am grateful for every sweet moment I can spend enjoying their special presence.
In appreciation of the hummingbird… and you,

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