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A Burden Basket of My Very Own

I had just finished a coaching session, when my guides told me I needed to go to Saver’s.
I only had a half an hour until this particular thrift store would be closing, and knowing how I love to spend time perusing every aisle, I doubted the guidance and felt like staying home instead.
My guides encouraged me, “There is something you need, and you need it tonight.”
Still sitting comfortably in an easy chair they seemed to shout inside my mind “Go now!”
I grabbed my purse and headed to the car.
Upon arriving, knowing I was there for something specific, and knowing I didn’t have time to browse, I paused in the doorway.  I listened for the voice that guides all my purchases and manifestations.

“What am I here for?” I asked, “And where do…”

“Housewares.” They answered before I could finish asking.
I headed to the gifts, trinkets and collectibles and began to take in every little statue and collectible and was interrupted again by the guiding voice, “Not here.  Go towards the back of the store.”
Heading towards the back of the store I realized this was the bedding area.  My favorite!  My energy perked up as I thought of another pillow or blanket on my bed already overflowing with these comforts.
Again, my Guides knew what I was thinking.  As I pictured my bed with all my pillows and blankets, They said, “You have enough of that.”
“Oh,” I replied inside, feeling like a disappointed child.
I walked more slowly, partly from my disappointment, wanting another comfort, and partly because I knew my Guidance was trying to work with my physical body, guiding it to the right place.
“Just a couple more aisles back,” They said, “Now right.  Now stop.”
I followed my Guiding Voice carefully and mindfully went the allotted number of aisles, yet also remained very much aware of the blankets lining that back aisle.
I resisted my desires and listened to my Guidance.
I turned right and stopped.
There in front of me, on the shelf at eye level, was a burden basket.  Deeper than most woven baskets and wider at the top.
“You need a burden basket, too, Cat!”  My guides told me as I picked up and lovingly embraced the basket.
It immediately felt sacred, and comforting to hold.
“You have helped others, now help yourself. You know what to do…” My Guides directed me.
I walked around the store the remaining time it was open, holding the basket close to my heart with my arms wrapped lovingly around it.  I let all my own heartaches, fears and insecurities drop into the basket.
I felt teary as I let go.
Giving thanks for the gift I took it to the cashier to pay, declined her offer to put it in a bag, and instead carried it lovingly as if it were a pillow, hugging it close to me, all the way to my car.
It is now sitting beside the chair where I do my coaching sessions.  When I feel others needing to unload, I like knowing I can reach out and feel it there beside me.
Sometimes I offer it to them, or put it in their face to remind them to let it all go!
I know the work that happens that most do not see, is real.  The Burden Basket Grandmother is just as real as the basket by my side.  She is there beside me, and I feel her presence.
Yet for those of us in physical form, it is so comforting to have something we can touch and feel.  I can hold the basket, and I am reminded that Spirit is always with me, and everyone, working things out for us.
It is a comfort to know where to go whenever you need love, clarity, peace, love and guidance.  Go to God.  Connect with Spirit.  Listen to your Guides.
In love and trust,
Cat RunningElk
All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.
~Grandmother Willow

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