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Put Your Burdens in the Basket

Feeling a need to shift?  Feeling shift happening, again?  Surrender, surrender, surrender.
Welcome to Change.
We are moving so rapidly through constant change these days.  We keep going through personal transformation, astrological shifts and energetic transitions every time I turn around and start to get comfortable.
Every message out there is about surrendering as you transition yet into another level.
So how can we learn to surrender on a regular basis?  How can we learn to go with the flow and allow transformation to happen, without wanting to put on the brakes?  Without getting jumbled up in our old paradigms?
Well, today this letter is inspired by a Wise Woman in Spirit who works with me in my healing practice.  She wants to help you feel better, lighter and happier.  She asked me to write to you and to tell you about her, so you can surrender right here and now.
She is a sweet elder woman who carries a hand-woven basket.  When she appears, it is usually when my students or clients have their eyes closed and we are doing healing work.  As I remove the hard parts, the old hurts and the burdens from within their hearts, she appears and takes these things away in her basket.
Today she comes to me and tells me to share with those who are listening the truth that she is available to you right now, to help lift your heart and lighten your load.
Picture the Grandmother before you right now.  As you read these words she is in front of you.
She is smiling sweetly and telling you to let go.  She points to your heart and invites you to put all the pain from your heart into her basket.
Then she looks at your shoulders and notices how much you are carrying.  She would like to lighten your load.
She touches your shoulder and lets you know she will take care of it. Go ahead and give to her your troubles and worries.
She and I both invite you to stop trying to figure everything out.  Let yourself be guided in what is best.  Instead of trying to control your life, surrender.
Whenever you start to worry, see her standing there before you.  She comes and holds the basket up to your heart and tells you to pour your troubles out of your heart space and into the basket.
She takes these things and then makes sure you are guided in what needs to be done.
She will pray for you and hold the light for you and your loved ones, so that you can let go of what is not yours to do.
When there is something that you need to say or do, she will nudge you and let you know.
When we learn to surrender, we need only listen for Divine Guidance.
We only need to do what is ours to do.  We don’t need to figure out everything for everyone all the time.
We can learn to trust that things are always working out in the best way possible.  When we meditate and listen within daily, we will find our lives easier to manage.   We will be guided in what is best for us.
Allow your thoughts, words and actions to be inspired by Spirit.  Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, look to the Divine for clarity on what is yours to do.  Every day.
From a mindful place, do what you are called to do.
When doubt, overwhelm, stress or concern for others returns – see Her there before you.
And let go.
This, my friend, is how we can learn to live our lives every day, through eclipses, political power struggles, health challenges, relationships and financial concerns.
Let go, put it all in the basket.  Then listen for your own personal guidance.
Surrender it all and then be inspired with right action.
Surrender to the Wise Woman.
In love and lightness,
Cat RunningElk
And the Burden Basket Grandmother in Spirit

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