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Shifting the Energy One Positive Thought At A Time…

Seems there are a lot of storms going on right now.  External storms, and internal storms.

I am hearing from many people that things seems more challenging for them lately. The emotional weather pattern is filled with dark clouds and impending doom.

While we can look outside ourselves and point fingers of blame here and there for why things are difficult, that doesn’t bring you any emotional relief.  In fact, blame will only create more unwanted negative feelings.

Some will blame the astrological weather, others will blame the political turmoil, others will look at their neighbors or co-workers and claim they can’t be happy until others change. Circumstances such as an upcoming eclipse, board meeting or health reform, doesn’t matter.  Blame will get you more of the same feeling.

If you want to change things, you have to change your vibration.  Your vibration is part of the world and it is either helping or hindering positive change.

If you are feeling positive most of the time, congratulations.  Be at peace with the moments of negativity and know this too shall pass.

If you are resistant to coming up to a better feeling, than at least enjoy your downward spiral by knowing you are in control.  You really are.  You can choose to feel bad.  You can choose to go down deeper.  You can choose to be mad, angry, sad, victimized and even slip into a deep depression.

All of it happens based on what you are thinking.  Your thoughts create your feelings.  Your feelings create your vibration and your vibration creates your experiences.

Want to come up to a better feeling, a better vibration and better experiences?  Then change what you are thinking about right now.

Look for anything that offers some relief.  A pet, a person or a memory.  Take it and milk it.

Focus on that one thing for 68 seconds and your vibration will begin to shift.

Find a positive video, a photograph or use your imagination and shift up.  You have to hold it for over a minute for it to actually shift your vibration.

Most people skim the surface.  They say their gratitudes so quickly that it doesn’t bend their emotions.  Sometimes they list the people or things they are grateful for and don’t spend time really feeling the gratitude.

It isn’t the thought alone that needs to change.  It’s your feelings.  And you must maintain a positive thought for 68 seconds for your feeling to adjust.

Find one thing you like.  Just one thing…then hold that thought!
Milk it. Remember it best you can.  Find the joy again.

Let’s change the world one positive thought at a time!

In love, peace and gratitude,
Cat RunningElk

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