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The Relationship You Are Hoping For…Already Exists

The relationship you are seeking is also seeking you.
It exists within you and is available when you stop and accept all you came to be.

Back in 2008 I was informed by The Grandmothers in Spirit to begin to teach the Divine Feminine.  I didn’t know exactly what that would look like.
I had tried Goddess types of spirituality before but didn’t feel connected through that.  I even worked with a Wiccan Teacher for some time a couple decades ago.  But whenever I went into the sacred circle what showed up for me as I called in the directions were Native American Elders and other Wise Ones from tribes around the globe.
My teacher encouraged me to embrace the path that was obviously there for me.  These Wise Elders had been with me since childhood.  In other lifetimes they lived on this earth as men and so as my guides they show up in their masculine forms.
I never found a connection with any of the female deities or goddesses so when the Grandmothers showed up, I was thrilled to connect with the feminine side of my own spirituality.
The first direction they gave me was to ‘take the shawl.’  Eager student that I am I went to the closet and looked at all the shawls I owned but never wore.  I grabbed one that was black lace with little glass beads and instead of putting on my jeans I put on a skirt and top, loving the idea of being more girly.  Wrapping the shawl around my shoulders I immediately felt more feminine.
The Grandmothers grinned at my naivete.  Feeling more feminine; being vulnerable and soft, is a part of the Divine Feminine teachings.  But that is only scratching the surface.  Thankfully in time I did learn the deeper meaning and intentions of ‘taking the shawl!’
I have spent years studying and teaching The Divine Feminine, helping many women learn to ‘take the shawl,’ to embrace their own femininity, beauty, intuition, and receptivity.  On a deeper level we have learned the power of staying connected to our Mother Earth, to remember the old ways of living connected and to remain in harmony with nature.
Now that I am finding my peace, and confidence, in the Divine Feminine…I am being asked to bring in the teachings of the Sacred Masculine.
It is time to embrace the Feminine and Masculine energies.  It is time to bring balance in the world.  It is time to learn how to always listen to the divine, (which flows through the feminine,) and take action (the masculine energy) in the world.
Instead of living from the ego and doing what society says is best, we must always turn within and listen to the Divine.  From this place we take right action.
Be still each morning and tap into the eternal receptive place within.  The Divine Feminine in you can access the Truth with ease.
Then allow the Sacred Masculine to take action based on this Inner Truth. Our warrior aspect must learn to listen to the peaceful place.  Be inspired by the Feminine traits of unconditional love, peace, beauty and truth. Take action and make a difference as the Sacred Masculine.
Learn to connect with your own Divine Feminine and love yourself unconditionally.
Instead of picking yourself apart, love yourself back into wholeness.
Because the best relationships always begin within.
Take time each morning to meditate.  Be open and receptive.  Embrace your own Feminine energies.
Move out in the world as the warrior,  healer, teacher and sage.
At the end of the day come home to the peace and love you deserve.  Give that reward to yourself for all you are doing.
Love yourself more, today and everyday, and watch all your relationships grow into more than you dreamed was possible!
Listening to Spirit and Showing up in Love and Light,
Cat RunningElk

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