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Everyone Needs a Summer Vacation

Dear Friends,
When I was a young girl each summer I was gifted with a week at my Grandmother’s house.
She had a simple little house on the edge of a small Iowa town, with a large garden, an ample amount of green grass and a perfectly placed apple tree.
I would take a stack of Laura Ingalls Wilder books and spend the week under that apple tree reading of Laura’s glorious adventures.
At noon my Grandmother would bring out a plate with the most amazing pb&j sandwich.  Skippy peanut butter and Grandma’s freshly made strawberry jam, both in  large quantities, spread between two pieces of her warm homemade bread.
In the evening, as the air cooled, she would call me into a dinner of foods fresh from the garden such as cucumber salad and corn on the cob.
The only thing that made my vacation at Grandma’s even better was when I was able to bring my best friend.
She and I would each have our own stack of books.  We would spend the afternoon reading, or looking at the clouds.  We would snap the snapdragons and chase butterflies.
Most of the time we were quietly reading and reflecting on the stories that absorbed each of us.
After dinner and a game of Crazy 8, Go Fish, and sometimes SlapJack, we crawled into bed and tried not to move too much because of the heat.  Just a cool sheet on top of our sunburned bodies was more than enough.
When it was really sticky and hot late into the night, when we were giggling and having trouble getting to sleep, my Grandmother  would come and rub baby powder on our backs to cool us down.
What a wonderful summer vacation.
Everyone needs to take time to do nothing.  A fancy vacation to an exotic destination is wonderful.  Take it if you can.
But for those who will tell me they can’t afford to take a vacation, or those who think they are too busy…you can find a way to enjoy a lazy day doing nothing more than lying under a shade tree.
Or sit by a lake and dream.
Take a long walk in a wood.
Sleep in and piddle around the house.
Bake some bread and spread the jelly on thick.
Invite a friend to join you on a blanket under the stars.
It’s easy to relax and unwind.  We make up way too many excuses for being busy and making life difficult.   Our egos feel the need to keep going and going and going, often reluctant to let go of a need to control our energy and days.
Stop. Take a Vacation.  Take a day, a week or longer if you can.
Give yourself permission to let your life be easy – for at least a day or two.
It’s summer.
And everyone, everyone, needs a summer vacation.
On my own kind of special vacation this week…see you on the 15th!
in Love and Light,
Cat RunningElk
“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. “- John Lubbock

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