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Are You Showing Up?

I have a confession to make.  I really wanted to go see Tom Petty.  But I had planned to go to Omaha to speak and teach months before I knew he was touring.  I had sent all my information to promote my events long before I heard he would be in Kansas City performing live that same weekend.
Live events are the best.  Seeing someone you love live and in-person is always a million times better than a recording.
Recently one of my new students told me she listens to a lot of meditations and guidance on YouTube.  After I led the class in a guided meditation she exclaimed how much more powerful it is when you are with the person.
I smiled and nodded thinking of the live music I so enjoy.
A few days before my events in Omaha I called the store to see how many people had signed up for my workshop.  I told myself if only a few were signed up I would cancel.
While waiting to hear from the store on the number of people I looked up tickets to the concert.  One ticket would be the same price as my two night hotel stay.
Still I told myself instead of spending a lot of money to drive somewhere to give of myself I would stay home and spend money to give to myself.
I recalled many years of traveling cross country, sometimes for an audience of 200, sometimes for an audience of two.  Giving of myself, spending money and at times barely making ends meet.
I argued internally that I don’t have to do that anymore.  I can spend more time online, I told myself.   I can focus on my online presence. I can connect through my books, blogs, facebook and twitter.  It’s what everyone else is doing.
I thought of all the people I could reach with one facebook ad and joyfully decided staying home and working virtually is the new way.
I looked forward to being physically present with a Rock God I had adored as a teen as I awaited word from the store in Omaha.
The manager of the store in Omaha got back to me and encouraged me to come.  He let me know he was confident my expenses would be covered.
I sighed and closed my computer letting go of my search for the ticket to the concert.
I packed my bags and prepared for my trip.
A handful of people came out to see me on Friday night.
As Tom Petty was taking the stage in front of thousands of fans, I stood in front of a half dozen spiritual seekers.
And I remembered why I spent years, money and energy crisscrossing the country.
Looking into the eyes of my audience I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.  And it was also exactly where I wanted to be.  It isn’t about how many show up.  It’s about just showing up.  Period.
It is a joy to look into the eyes of those I meet, and it’s an honor to be able to see the truth within.  It is for me to recognize everyone I meet, to see who they really are and to help them awaken to this truth.
We all have the ability to do this, but we have to be willing to show up and be present.
You can’t feel the true essence of someone over the internet.  You can’t experience the effect of someone looking into your eyes on youtube.
My weekend in Omaha I was able to look into eyes, to recognize souls, to jostle a few into wakefulness.  Tears were shed, laughter was shared and hugs were overflowing.
Feeling richer on all levels I drove home contemplating where I would be going next.  I remembered why it was always worthwhile, no matter how far I traveled, no matter how little money was made, no matter how many or how few came to be awakened.  It was always right.
Making a difference in even one life, making a connection…it’s what it’s all about.
Live and in-person is still the best way to connect.
We all need to get offline, get up and get out of the house more.
Go out to lunch with a friend.  Attend a class, go to a meeting, enjoy live music and be with friends.  Find a way to connect and be with people.
We need to stay connected to one another or we forget who we are and why we have come.
Be present.  Be available.
Show up when Spirit calls.  Show up, be present and connect. Today, tomorrow and always.
Listening to Spirit and Showing up in Love and Light,
Cat RunningElk
“The life I touch for good or ill, will touch another life, and in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.” – Frederick Buechner

2 thoughts on “Are You Showing Up?”

    1. Jeff,
      I know you were one of the reasons Spirit moved me to be there! So glad our paths met.
      Sending abundant blessings your way. Stay open and receptive always.
      Your Sister in Spirit,
      Cat RunningElk


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