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Love is For Giving

How can you fit new things in your closet if you are still holding onto old things that you don’t like anymore?
What if when you opened up your closet all that was there were things that brought up painful memories?  What if you opened those doors and saw things that made you angry?  What if shortcomings and failures and missed opportunities were staring you in the face everyday?
What if every time you turned around and thought you had found happiness, instead you found old grief and buried feelings of anger?
You must get rid of the old in order to make room for something better.  If you are still harboring ill feelings toward anyone, it is sitting in your own closet taking up space.  Space that blocks the path of true love.
We must release and let go of negative feelings we may have towards others.  It is hard to forgive everyone of everything.  But if you want better relationships, increase, health and peace of mind you must do the work of forgiving.
The first requirement in my “Power of Love” class is the willingness to forgive.  When students do the forgiveness work I assign them, they feel a shift inside.  And then powerful wonderful blessings begin showing up!
The ability to forgive quickly and completely is the greatest work of any spiritual master.
Do the work.  Do it everyday.  Affirm daily, “I willingly forgive everyone of everything, including myself.”
Repeat as needed.  Repeat after watching the news.  Repeat after sitting on hold with your internet provider.  Repeat after getting caught in traffic.
Repeat when you think of ways you feel you have failed and you want to beat yourself up.  Forgive yourself most of all, over and over and over again.
We will never be perfect human beings.  Neither will our loved ones.
Be willing to do the work.
Forgive until you feel the shift happen in your heart.
“I give thanks this day, Mother/Father God, for total and complete forgiveness for myself and all those I pray for.  Please forgive me every intentional and unintentional wrong thought, word or action that may have caused pain or hurt in anyone past, present and future.  I am willing to be forgiven and I ask for forgiveness now.  Thank you for helping me to forgive everyone past, present or future who has caused me pain or hurt – intentionally and unintentionally.  I am willing to forgive as I am forgiven.  All is forgiven.  I am free.  Thank you for total and complete forgiveness now.  And so it is.”
Include forgiveness in your daily prayers.  It is best at the end of the day to clear the slate of anything that may have happened to upset you.  Forgive yourself and others before the sun goes down!
“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

You will know that you have done the work when you can honestly wish the best for those who hurt you.

Do the work.  Clean out the closet and make room in your life for more love.
In love, peace and gratitude for all that is,
Cat RunningElk

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